Bellamins - The Worlds Best Prenatal Vitamin

Why   Is   Bellamins   Called
The   Perfect   Prenatal   System?

Bellamins is formulated in three unique formulas that change as the needs of pregnancy change. The concept of prenatal vitamins formulated differently for every trimester is a new one. Until now, prenatals came in a "one formula fits all" concoction. But the research on prenatal nutrients shows very different effects on both baby and mother based on which trimester the nutrients are taken.

Bellamins addresses these changing needs with formulas adapted for each trimester to deliver optimal nutrients to moms and babies when they need it most.

- For Baby -

As a baby is forming, it's amazing what has to happen at exactly the right time. The process of becoming a new human being is incredible and miraculous.  The foundation a baby lays down during pregnancy becomes the body it will have for the rest of its life. Babies rely heavily on the nutrients they are given to build bodies that are strong and healthy. Different systems form and mature at different times, so the nutrients needed for support also change along the way. For example, there are very important nutrients that most prenatals contain in high doses to help prevent birth defects during the first trimester.  However, as pregnancy progresses, the same high doses of these nutrients have been linked with an increase in some issues like asthma and even autism. 

Bellamins adjusts nutrients as the pregnancy progresses to give babies the right support as they build each brand new system in their body, including all ten fingers and all ten toes.

 - For Mom -

A woman's body also responds differently to nutrients throughout her pregnancy. For example, there are nutrients in a typical prenatal vitamin that can cause nausea if taken in the first trimester - and aren't necessary until the second or third trimester, when most morning sickness has subsided. It just makes sense for a woman to wait to take these nutrients until her body needs them and can more comfortably handle them.

At Bellamins, we looked at every single nutrient to make sure that each source was the absolute best available, and each dose was the right amount, at the right time.

- Typical Prenatal Vitamins -

Why would typical prenatal vitamins approach pregnancy with a "one formula fits all" mentality? We can only guess, but perhaps it has to do with the people who are behind most prenatal vitamin brands. Are they looking at maximizing profits, which means cutting corners when it comes to ingredients? Do they even care about keeping up with the latest research? Do they truly value and understand the women who trust them?

Unfortunately, the majority of prenatal vitamins are just multivitamins with bumped-up doses of cheap synthetic ingredients. Natural sources of ingredients are available, and absolutely worth it, but they are not inexpensive. To make up for this, some companies will put dust made from dehydrated fruits and vegetables in their formulas so they can include it in the ingredient list and call it "whole food." But would you eat a pinch of dried-up dust from a beet and feel confident that you received significant nutrition from it? Of course not. When you see a long list of "whole food powders," consider how much whole food will actually fit in the pills they are serving you.

- How Bellamins Was Born -

Bellamins was not created by someone in a corporate office looking for a way to make a buck. Bellamins was  created by a woman whose calling is to support other women. A woman who has attended over 100 births as a caregiver and who has dedicated herself to helping women understand nutritional choices in pregnancy. A woman who has been pregnant herself, who has experienced morning sickness, fertility issues, and the pain of miscarriage. She has squinted at pregnancy tests in the sunlight and has felt the swirling emotions from seeing that extra blue line appear. And she knows what it's like to be instantly in love with the new life signaled by those 2 blue lines. 

She knows what it's like to live life counting down milestones. Counting down the 2 week wait to the 12 week mark, and then counting down to finally feeling those first butterfly flutters of movement a month or two later. She knows the relief of realizing "If my baby came today, my baby would likely survive." She knows what it's like to touch her belly and worry about her baby being okay.  She has wondered about eye color, gender, and personality. And she knows what it's like to wait those last long weeks, wondering which day she will forever celebrate as her baby's birthday.

And she also knows that her own daughter, a remarkable and beautiful young woman with special needs, would have benefited so much from a vitamin system like Bellamins - and she grieves that she wasn't able to give that to her.

The woman who created this company truly cares about every mother, mother-to-be, and baby who crosses her path. She refused to compromise when she created this system. She spent 7 years collaborating with the best minds in medicine, nutrition, and midwifery to create these blends. And she worked with the finest formulators in the country to make sure that exactly the right nutrients were delivered to moms and babies at exactly the right times.

- Nutrients In Bellamins -

If the nutrients in Bellamins Prenatal Powder were put into pill form the daily dose would be a whopping 12 horse-sized pills. That is why we chose to give you a delicious drink mix instead. Here's a short list of just some of the incredible nutrients you'll find in Bellamins blends. Each of them is adjusted to the most appropriate amounts for each trimester. Not only did we choose the highest quality, most bio-available sources, we also added critical nutrients you don't often see in any prenatal vitamins, including those that are only available by prescription.

  • Probiotics
    support a healthy digestive system and immune function
  • Folate as Quatrefolic™
    even better than folic acid, this nutrient is ideal for MTHFR issues, supports healthy midline development including proper neural tube development, and may reduce tongue and lip ties
  • Coenzyme Q10
    an exceptional antioxidant that provides support to the developing changes of baby and supports moms body as she rapidly adapts to pregnancy
  • Choline
    may help minimize the effects of stress on the developing baby
  • Vitamin B6 - as pyridoxine and Vitamin B12 - as methylcobalamin 
    may support digestion and reduce mild nausea associated with morning sickness, while providing a natural, stable energy boost
  • Vitamin D3
    supports a healthy pregnancy overall
  • Vitamin K2 - as MK7
    most bio-available form of vitamin K - together with vitamin D3, calcium, and magnesium provides skeletal support for both mom and baby
  • Vitamin A 100% as Beta-Carotene
    supports cellular division in baby, protects mom's vision during pregnancy, and helps her heal after birth
We don't want you or your baby to have to wait for the benefits of Bellamins. So if you don't want to wait either, the next step is to click the button below and it will take you to a product page. From there, you can choose the right trimester blend based on where you are in your pregnancy journey. We prep orders almost immediately and ship through priority mail, so you can rest assured you will have the right nutrients for your body and your baby within just a couple business days. And if you don't love Bellamins, we'll refund 100% of the purchase price, including shipping. No questions asked.
    Our reference section is a work in progress. Over 7 years of research went into the formulation of these vitamins so check back often for updated articles and citations. If you have any pressing questions about the science behind our formulas, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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