People Love Bellamins

A letter to our customers from the creator of Bellamins, Nena Ellis.

Thank you for choosing Bellamins to nourish you and your baby.  Bellamins is a very small business with a big heart. I understand how special this time is. I fully recognize it’s a time that will always be remembered and having been a part of that in any way will always be an honor to me.

The heart I have for each customer makes the next thing I’m going to say extremely difficult. Due to personal reasons, Bellamins will be closing at the end of the year, or when our current inventory sells out.

For current customers: Until June 30th, you will have the option of buying the rest of your pregnancy or postpartum Bellamins at a 50% discount for each one-month supply. This will only be available to current customers and you will need email us at with the Trimester blends you would like to purchase and the number of each.

Currently the only place to get any single units is on Amazon, and those will only be available until inventory runs out.

For new customers, Bellamins is only available as a full pregnancy kit. This is a 9 month supply and is priced at $149.00.

Full pregnancy kits contain
2 - 1st trimester blends
4 -  2nd trimester blends
3 - 3rd trimester blends

It’s been an honor to be chosen to nourish you and your developing babies. I hope you have a lifetime of health and happiness. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Wishing you the best,
Nena Ellis
Founder & Creator

It's more than just a vitamin

The concept of prenatal vitamin drinks has been around for a while, but prenatal vitamins formulated differently for every trimester is a new one. Until now, prenatals came in a "one formula fits all" concoction. But research shows that nutrients have different effects on both baby and mother depending on when they're taken.

Bellamins formulas are backed by doctors, midwives, and decades of research. They are carefully balanced with premium nutrients that are absorbed almost immediately. By the time you finish drinking your Bellamins, your baby is enjoying the same nutritional boost as you.


You're going to love Bellamins®. Order some of our vitamin drink mix today and taste its lemon-berry goodness. See how it makes you feel. Notice the peace of mind that comes from getting the right nutrients during the right trimester. Enjoy it for up to 30 days and, if for any reason, you decide you don't like it simply call or message us, tell us you don't want it, and we'll give you a 100% refund - including shipping. You won’t have to jump through any hoops. We don't want you to just be happy... we want you to be delighted! 

    Artificial Colors    
    NO Artificial Flavors    
    NO Artificial Sweeteners
    Just natural fruit based goodness



    What Moms Are Saying

    Angelica Grant
    "I'm Beyond thankful for Bellamins. Having had recent miscarriages, it has been comforting to know that this time, Bellamins has provided myself and my baby exactly what we need when we need it."

    Sally Martin

    "Seriously. No aftertaste. No vita smell. And yummy! I love these yummy, yummy vitamins!" 

    Robyn Griggs
    "I love that these vitamins have the right ingredients at the right times during your pregnancy. I was able to taste test them during my last pregnancy and can easily say I wish I had these during each of my pregnancies." 

    Amanda Showalter
    "I mixed my first sample with extra water and I wasn't in love with the stevia after taste. I played with the mixture of water and used less the next time around it was so much better. I love the convenience of one packet a day and I don't have to swallow 8 pills a day. Being in my third trimester, I am loving the B vitamin boost as well. My little man even seems to enjoy them . All in all I am very, very pleased."

    Taylor Davis
    "Bellamins are honestly great. I put it in ice tea and all kinds of juices !! And good news.... I believe my morning sickness is gone."

    Sarah Menendez
    "I have never been able to swallow pills so in my previous pregnancies I had to chew my prenatal vitamins which tasted awful. So I was overjoyed to find Bellamins!!! First of all the packaging is beautiful and sweet. It makes me feel like I am doing something special. But the best thing about it is the taste. It is not overly sweet. It almost tastes like a pink starbust but even better. I look forward to drinking it every morning. I am 11 weeks along in my 4th pregnancy and it feels great to confidently give the right, targeted nutrition to my growing human. I highly recommend Bellamins to my friends and family. There is nothing like it out there!!!"