The Bellamins Story








To provide exceptional experiences and products to pregnant women and their babies by combining wisdom, heart, and science.


What is Bellamins?

Bellamins is a prenatal vitamin system that has changing nutrient formulas for each trimester. Those nutrients come in a delicious berry lemonade drink mix so you can say good bye to the disgusting taste of horse pills and hello to enjoying taking a prenatal vitamin each day.

Never before have prenatal vitamins adjusted to support both the mother and baby through the drastic changes that occur during different trimesters. And never before have prenatal vitamins tasted so good.

"I crave my Bellamins every day."
"I can't wait to get pregnant again so I can drink  Bellamins everyday."
"I love feeling like I'm getting a gift just for me each month when my Bellamins arrives."

We hear comments like this a lot. We love our customers and we love their babies and we set out to create a prenatal vitamin experience that was both nourishing and enjoyable.

 A note from our Founder

Dear Mom To Be,

Hello. My name is Nena Ellis and I'm the founder of Bellamins. My heart and soul are committed to serving pregnant women and that is what led me to creating this company.

I've been caring for women since 1997 and a few years ago, when my sister became pregnant for the first time, she asked what the best prenatal vitamin would be for this new baby coming into our family.

There was no answer.

There were a couple decent vitamins, but nothing great. There wasn't a prenatal vitamin that I could feel good in my heart about recommending. The reason is that even with the best vitamins out there, they still don't take into account very important factors. There are so many changes during the prenatal period for both mom and baby, one formula can't possibly deliver the right nutrients at the right times throughout an entire pregnancy. Some nutrients are great at the beginning of pregnancy, but need to be dialed back at the end. Some nutrients need to be minimized at the beginning and boosted near the end.



Over 7 years of research went into the formulation of these vitamins. My goal was to show women that we truly care about their experience, and to achieve the most scientifically advanced and naturally sourced prenatal vitamin in the world. What evolved from those goals was not only a phenomenal prenatal vitamin, with adjusted nutrients to optimal levels throughout pregnancy, but also a vitamin that's actually enjoyable to take every day because the gentle, natural ingredients, are delivered in a delicious drink mix. We also added newly researched ingredients that you aren't likely to find in other prenatal formulas.

With heart and love, every ingredient has been carefully researched and meticulously chosen by myself and a brilliant team of midwives, nutritionists, doctors and world class formulators.  We have created these vitamins for moms and their babies exactly as I would have wanted them to be for my very own sister and her baby girl.



After formulation came the business plan and perspective. And I will be the first to admit, I don't follow the rules or have the same goals as many other business people. So, unlike most companies, I promise to be totally transparent with you. Other than the proprietary aspects of the formula, you can ask me anything, I am happy to answer any question you have about our products or our business. My mobile number is 520-271-6509. Call or text me anytime. The reason I do what I do is because I care about women and I would love the opportunity to connect with you.

In operating this business I have 2 main goals.  My first goal is to to deliver wonderful nutrients to moms and babies. The best nutrients available. At the absolute lowest possible price. Now, because we use premium ingredients, and have chosen not to compromise on quality, even a little, we will always be one of the highest priced brands. But please know, in the supplement industry, you truly do get what you pay for. And I believe your baby should get the absolute best. Before Bellamins, this type of vitamin wasn't even an option. In order to keep costs below traditional profit margins, we don't do much paid advertising and instead rely on word of mouth recommendations from happy customers. So please, feel free to let people know we're here. 

My next goals with this business are very personal. One is to utilize a portion of profits to fund a trust for my daughter. She has special needs and will always need caregivers. I want to put enough money away for her so that when I pass she will never have to rely on government for care. In addition to that goal, a portion of our profitability is focused toward working very strategically to support vulnerable pregnancy populations.

Those are my goals. This is my heart. If you have any questions about this company or about our products, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. You can email us at and ask that it be forwarded to me. Or you can call me. Again, my personal cell phone number is 520-271-6509. If I'm not able to answer, leave a message. I promise I will call you back.

All my best to you,
Nena Ellis


Our products are manufactured exclusively for Bellamins in the USA. We are a Tempe, AZ based company.