Incredible! First ever babies born after uterine transplants

Little Miracle - Uterine Transplant Success Story
photo credit: Daily Mail UK


In 2014, 9 women underwent uterine transplants in a medical trial. Historically, this procedure has had a high rejection rate with tissues from deceased donors. This new trial instead used the tissues of living donors and the results are amazing. Considered a major success, 77% of the transplants were accepted by the women's bodies and at this point 55% of the women went on to deliver babies.

What an incredible advancement for women who were born without a uterus, or have other uterine issues that prevent either becoming pregnant, or carrying to term.

Huge congratulations to the families who were able to have their dreams come true with this groundbreaking new procedure.

Read the incredible story of Malin Stenberg and the first baby born after a successful uterine transplant in this Daily Mail article (click here).