Loving C-Section



We at Bellamins love birth. Birth stories, birth photos and videos — we love ‘em! And we love the many ways women give birth: in a hospital, in a birth center, at home, in water, standing up, squatting, by cesarean…

Wait. Cesarean? Yes, we said we love cesareans. Maybe that’s surprising, since we’re so passionate about natural sources of nutrition, allowing pregnancy to progress naturally, and, yes, natural birth, too.

But what always comes first for us is mothers and babies, and we are so grateful that cesareans are available for moms and babies who truly need them. So when we read A Love Letter to C-Section Moms (That Everyone Should Read) (thestir.cafemom.com), we gave a cheer.

A mama is a mama no matter how her baby arrived! As the author says, “You see, some people seem to think there are two kinds of moms -- those who have c-sections and those who do not. This ‘battle’ divides us, and makes one side feel like a mother who didn't do the right thing.

Women who have had c-sections for reasons beyond their control need to feel the love that moms who got to have the natural birth they wanted are allowed to feel. Moms who have had c-sections need and deserve respect and love for the way they birthed. We need to honor all ways of birth, even the ones that didn't go as we planned. Because it is still the way some children are brought into our lives. Hear me out. This isn't about being pro-cesarean. This is about being pro-mom."

We couldn’t agree more.

There's definitely a lot of room for improvements to the practices of c-sections, so keep an eye our for upcoming posts about seeding and mother/baby friendly initiatives, but for now, we are going to start with simply loving on moms.


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