Incredible Birth Story


We at Bellamins love birth and we love birth stories. When we came across this beautiful birth story online, we knew we had to share! A Beautiful Day in May: The Birth of Matilda (

The story begins from the perspective of birth photographer Breanna Gravener, who happened to be following her clients to the hospital when their car pulled to the side of the road. Running to join them, she was just in time to witness — and photograph — the arrival of baby Matilda, born right in the front seat of the car!

Her beautiful photographs are followed by the mother’s telling of Matilda’s birth story. Giving birth in a car on the way to the hospital might sound scary, but this amazing family not only took it in stride, they experienced it with confidence and joy:

Every time I share my perfect little girl’s birth story, there are faces filled with concern or amazement at the drama that unfolded. To me, and my family, there was no drama, only beauty. She came when she was ready, we couldn’t plan that, and we did what we needed to do, we were calm and collected and at no time were any of us worried or concerned for the safety of our baby or myself. Everything was perfect.

What a beautiful testament to trust in a healthy birth process!

See the full story here: A Beautiful Day in May: The Birth of Matilda (



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