What Google Can Tell Us About Pregnant Women Worldwide

What Google Can Tell Us About Pregnant Women Worldwide


We at Bellamins love pregnant women, and we love learning about the experience of pregnancy all over the world. So we also love stories like this one: Google reveals what pregnant women really want to know (blogs.babycenter.com).


Not surprisingly, women (and their partners) all over the world turn to Google to research answers to their questions about pregnancy. An analysis of search terms submitted in different countries reveals some interesting trends. For example:


In the United States expecting moms want to know if they can safely “eat shrimp,” “drink wine,” “drink coffee,” or “take Tylenol?”


In Canada, Britain and Australia the alcohol issue doesn’t even make the top-10 list for inquiries, but the latter is particularly concerned with the safety of soft cheeses, especially cream cheese.


In Nigera the top search is from women wondering if it’s safe to drink cold water while expecting.


Meanwhile, searches by the partners of pregnant women are equally interesting:


Men in Mexico are prone to searching for information on “my pregnant wife” along with the phrase “frases de amor para mi esposa embarazada” (words of love to my pregnant wife) and “poemas para mi esposa embarazada” (poems for my pregnant wife).


While in the United States, men tend to opt for the phrases ”my wife is pregnant now what” and “my wife is pregnant what do I do.”


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