The Indispensable Rice Sock

The Indispensable Rice Sock


Maybe you’ve encountered rice socks before. The idea is simple: they are, quite literally, uncooked rice in a sock, which you can heat or chill and use to provide comfort. But did you know how useful they can be in pregnancy, birth, and beyond?


Rice socks are so versatile — they can be heated or chilled, they can mold to any part of your body, and you can include herbs or essential oils for an extra boost. Here are three links filled with ideas for how you can use them.

How To Make a Rice Sock ( suggests rice socks to help moms during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period with back pain, pubic bone pain, round ligament pain, and headaches, plus as an all-around relaxation aid.

A Best-Kept Secret...The "Rice Sock" ( tells you how to use a warm rice sock to help your newborn stay happily asleep. The rice sock stands in for your arm, helping your baby feel like mama is still right there. We love the extra tip to add some calming lavender oil to the rice!

How To Make Your Own Rice Sock ( lists the many ways that rice socks come in handy for a family, like kids’ growing pains and boo boos, teens’ menstrual cramps, and for warming up cold beds and car seats.


Rice socks are so easy and inexpensive to make. It would be easy to make one for every member of the family with their favorite herbs or essential oil, plus one or two to keep in the freezer (perfect for engorgement!).


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