Vitamins Linked to Lowered Rates of Miscarriage

Vitamins Linked to Lowered Rates of Miscarriage


Vitamins supplements before and during pregnancy protect against birth defects and support the overall health of both mother and baby — and they may reduce the risk of miscarriage, as well.


A 2009 study showed a 50% reduction in the rate of miscarriages among women who took prenatal or multivitamins. Nearly 4,800 women participated in the study. Ninety-five percent took some form of vitamin supplement; those who took neither had roughly twice the risk of miscarriage. Read more at Study links vitamins with lowered rate of miscarriage (


According to the study’s senior author, Dr. Katherine Hartmann, “While this is a large study, it is observational and so it has its limitations in drawing conclusions about cause and effect. But there are many studies that indicate folate protects against birth defects, like neural tube defects and cleft lip/palate. There should be no hesitation to use our observed 50 percent reduction in the risk for miscarriage to bolster the use of pre-conception prenatal vitamins.”


“Today’s nutrition might be worse for early pregnancy,” she went on. “More women have type 2 diabetes, we’re exposed to more environmental threats and it may be that advancing maternal age changes needs.”


Studies like this one were part of our motivation for developing Bellamins. We put a lot of love and research into coming up with our Belly Blends prenatal vitamin supplements, specially tailored for each trimester. We believe that optimal nutrition during pregnancy — and while trying to conceive — supports mothers and babies in myriad ways.


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