Natural Labor Induction Ideas

Natural Labor Induction Ideas


Every minute your baby spends developing on the inside is precious, and at Bellamins we believe that babies come when the time is right. Your baby can’t read a calendar and doesn’t know that a date has been assigned for her arrival! If you’re past your due date (or “guess date”—a much better description!), have patience: no pregnancy can last forever, no matter how much it feels like yours might be the first.


But we also know that some mothers don’t have the luxury of waiting for their babies to arrive on their own schedule. Maybe your birth provider is starting to talk about medical induction, maybe you have a work schedule that isn’t as flexible as you might wish. Maybe you’re well past your EDD and just really ready to give your baby some encouragement to make his arrival—we understand! Whatever the reason, if you want to try to get things moving before labor begins spontaneously, this article has some great tips for natural induction methods to try: Induce Labour With Natural Methods — Bring On Labour Naturally (


There are some things to consider before trying any of these ideas. Be sure to talk to your birth provider and inform yourself about what is involved in any induction method. Once you are sure that you are ready and your provider is on board, consider one or more of these methods of natural induction:


1. Sex

2. Acupuncture

3. Acupressure

4. Evening Primrose Oil

5. Homeopathics

6. Nipple Stimulation

7. Castor Oil

8. Sweeping Membranes / Stretch & Sweep

9. Black Cohosh

10. Raspberry Leaf

11. Spicy Food / Curry

12. Induction Massage

13. Eat Date Fruit


Each of these methods has pros and cons, and none is 100% effective, so be sure to read the article and talk to your birth provider to get all the information you can before you start.


In the end, remember—your baby will come when the time is right. If it is at all possible to be patient and let nature take its course, consider letting your baby choose her own birthdate.


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